5 benefits of working with a professional translation agency

Good translations are key in many situations, especially in the business world. Choosing the right translation provider is simply essential if you want to meet your targets – whatever they may be!

A translation agency, with their team of professional translators, is often the ideal partner. Find out why by reading 5 benefits of working with a translation agency!

Translation agency or independent translator: What’s the difference?

If you’re looking for a service provider for your translation needs, your choice will mainly be between working with a translation agency or with a freelance translator.

But what difference does it make for you?

It all depends on your project.

If you just have one or two texts to be translated now and then, with no other constraints than a high-quality translation, then an independent translator might be a good fit for you.

On the other hand, if your translation project is larger, and requires translations into several different languages, if you want translation and independent proofreading carried out under the same roof, and you don’t want project management hassles, then a translation agency is what you need.

These companies bring together a variety of skills, making it possible for the same translation provider to work on large projects at the same time. For example, the translation of a website into several language combinations, or a variety of specialisms such as marketing copy, sworn translations and financial accounts.

By bringing together several translation specialisms under one roof, the agency can offer you availability, responsiveness and the right skills for your project.

5 benefits of working with a professional translation agency

As you’ve seen, access to a network of translators isn’t the only advantage of working with a translation company – far from it!

Translation quality assurance

Unlike machine translation, whether online or using bespoke software, a human translator can grasp the finer points of a text and translate them faithfully, taking into account cultural differences, idiomatic expressions and the expectations of the target audience.

These skills, which just cannot be rivalled by a computer, mean that professional translators deliver an accurate and appropriate translation of the source text.

In addition, choosing a translation agency also guarantees that only qualified professionals whose skills have already been verified by a qualified peer will work on your project. No more concerns about a translator turning out to be a bad one. Using the agency guarantees that you’ll receive high-quality translation work.


Timeliness, responsiveness, availability, conscientiousness – opting for a translation agency to translate your documents guarantees that you’ll deal with committed meticulous professionals, whatever the project content.

A range of services


As we said earlier, translation agencies bring together various talents and specialisms that can easily be assigned to work on your projects. So working with a translation company gives you access to wide variety of language services (translation of tourist leaflets, patents, research articles, subtitling, dubbing, etc.) without having to work with lots of different service providers.

And at the same time, significant time savings and streamlined workflows.

Project monitoring

Regarding project management and monitoring, opting for a translation agency rather than an independent translator has several benefits.

In addition to the range of services it offers you, a translation agency also offers you an overview of progress on your project. No need to send thousands of emails and make hundreds of phone calls as you’ll have a single contact person who acts as project manager.

Time savings 


Last but not least – time savings.

Whether your translation request concerns your website, visitor information, official certificates or other kinds of documents, the translation agency saves you time by avoiding most of the time-consuming tasks (looking for a bilingual German translator, a Romanian translator, a French translator, etc.), whilst at the same time guaranteeing the quality of the translation performed.

Many clients have trusted us with their translations and continue to do so – whatever the language combination or type of project.

Contact us now to talk about your translation needs. We can give you advice about how to manage the project as a whole – and we can also give you a quotation for your next job! 

We can’t wait to get started and show you just how special our tailored services are. Our professional translators are at your disposal! If you have any preferences about terminology, don’t forget to let us know, and our translators can also give you feedback on that subject.