Legal notices

Publication of the site 

Site created by the SAMBA agency for PAYSDOC.COM company registration number 434461075 at the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce.

Head office:

37 Rue du Salat
31850 MONTRABE Tel: +33 5 61 73 17 96

Toulouse Chamber of Commerce: 434 461 075 APE 7990Z Intra-community VAT number: FR 57 434 461 075

Publication manager: Stéphane GRUNFOGEL – Director

Confidentiality and personal data policy

My Tourist Translator collects and stores personal data from its customers using physical and computer security measures. Data will be stored in files that can only be accessed by Mon Traducteur Touristique employees. No information will be passed on to any third party except to employees and freelance translators commissioned to effect the translations. In accordance with the French Data Protection Act of 6 January 1978, you have the right to access, modify, rectify, and delete data concerning you. You may exercise this right by contacting Mon Traducteur Touristique at the above address. You may also, for legitimate reasons, object to the processing of your data. The data collected is kept for 5 years. If after this period no business transactions have been recorded, data will be automatically deleted from the servers on which it is stored.

CNIL declaration number: 1806964 v 0


The My Tourist Translator website is hosted by:

268 rue Jules Guesde
59510 HEM
For technical questions, please contact the webmaster on: 06 69 67 34 44


General terms and conditions of sale


All translation, proofreading and interpreting services and any other services ordered from Mon Traducteur Touristique require acceptance of the following General Terms and Conditions of Sale, which take precedence over the customer’s terms and conditions of purchase. Confirmation of an order implies that the Customer waives their purchasing and general conditions. The Customer acknowledges having received, read, and accepted Mon Traducteur Touristique’s terms and conditions. The sales contract or quotation is concluded between two parties: On the one hand, the translation agency ‘Mon Traducteur Touristique’ represented by ‘PAYSDOC.COM’, company registered at the Toulouse Chamber of Commerce No. 434461075, hereinafter referred to as ‘THE SERVICE PROVIDER’; and on the other hand, any individual or legal entity accepting the quotation, order form or any other valid document, hereinafter referred to as ‘THE CUSTOMER’. 

These conditions were drafted and completed in January 2022. Mon Traducteur Touristique reserves the right to modify the present conditions at any time, subject to their publication on its site. The updated version of the terms and conditions online will come into effect on publication.


Prior to an order, My Tourist Translator will draw up a free estimate based on the documents received from the Customer. The documents to be translated may contain presentations, diagrams, drawings, any content reliably usable by the translator. Customers may forward their glossaries to use in translations. 

The quotation sent by My Tourist Translator to the Customer by email will include a description of the translation work requested, the source and target languages, the services ordered, the price excluding tax, expenses, VAT where applicable, costs where applicable, and the estimated delivery schedule. The Service Provider shall also provide a link to these terms and conditions for consultation by the Customer. 

To approve the order, the Customer must accept the quotation by returning it signed by email or by post, without modification, affixing their signature or company stamp. Signature of the quotation by the Customer is considered acceptance of our general sales conditions. 

The Customer may also provide a purchase order to place an order with My Tourist Translator. 

Partial or total payment of the quotation also constitutes validation thereof and acceptance of Mon Traducteur Touristique’s Sales Terms and Conditions. 

Any special conditions derogating from or supplementing these general terms and conditions of sale must be stipulated on the quotation or order form and accepted by both parties.

No service will be undertaken without confirmation of the quotation by the Customer. 


Article 2: Delivery schedule

The delivery schedule stipulated in the quotation shall, where applicable, commence upon receipt of confirmation from the Customer. If the order is confirmed after 5 p.m., the delivery schedule will start on the following business day. 

For orders confirmed on the day before a non-working day or on a non-working day, the delivery schedule will begin on the next working day.

For confirmation received after the deadline stipulated by My Tourist Translator, the delivery schedule will be updated. 


Article 3: Prices 

For all private or business customers subject to French VAT, the prices communicated by Mon Traducteur Touristique are quoted in Euros (€) including VAT. The VAT rate applicable in France of 20% will be applied to all customers subject to VAT. Proof will be required for any French organisation exempt from VAT. VAT does not apply to any customer domiciled outside France. Prices applied will be net.

Prices are based on the number of words in the source documents provided by the Customer and differ according to the language combinations requested. Prices are based on standard delivery conditions. For urgent requests, a surcharge of 20% on the net amount will apply. 

Any change to content requested by the Customer, or any change to the order, will result in a new quotation with updated prices. 

Prices are guaranteed until the option date indicated on the quotation by My Tourist Translator. The quotation becomes invalid once the option date has passed and will be updated. 

The application of discounts or sliding scale tariffs remains at the discretion of Mon Traducteur Touristique, except for the following specific provisions: 

  • Referral offers
  • Referral contract between the Customer and the Service Provider
  • Multilingual offer: 3 or more languages translated on the same quotation = 10% discount on the cheapest language


Article 4: Order cancellation

Cancellation fees will apply to all firm orders that the Customer wishes to cancel. 

If the order is cancelled before the start of the translation, the Customer will be liable for 50% of the initial quotation. 

If the translation has already started, My Tourist Translator will charge the full amount for work already done at the time of cancellation, and 50% of the initial quotation. 


Article 5: Payment terms 

For first orders, a deposit of 30% must be paid by bank transfer at the time of ordering. In this case, the delivery schedule will begin upon receipt of the deposit.

For all customers domiciled in France, unless explicitly agreed by Mon Traducteur Touristique, invoices are payable within 30 days of receipt. A deposit may be required depending on the size of the project. This will be stipulated on the quotation. For all customers outside France, orders must be paid in advance by bank transfer. 

Any past due payment automatically entails a penalty of 40€ net for business customers, and late payment interest, calculated on the sum due at three times the legal interest rate.

The LME law requires that payment terms be a maximum of 60 days net or 45 days end of month from the invoice date.

As of 1 January 2013, in accordance with article 121 of the law of 22/3/12, any business debtor paying an invoice after the payment deadline will be liable to their creditor for a fixed indemnity of 40 € per invoice. This is the minimum fixed penalty sum: the creditor may request additional compensation. If a claim for payment requires the intervention of an agent or for legal proceedings, the amount of this claim shall be increased by 10% as a penalty clause and by the amount of the costs incurred.

All payments must be made by bank transfer to the bank details communicated by email by Mon Traducteur Touristique.


Article 6: Customer obligations

Any change to the service ordered will be subject to a new agreement.

The Customer undertakes to supply the documents to be translated on time. The documents must be readable and usable by translators. The Customer undertakes to supply the documents without formatting where possible, or with as little formatting as possible (Word, Excel, convertible PDF etc.) to facilitate processing. 

The Customer undertakes to provide all information required for the proper processing of the translation. If the Customer wishes to use specific terminology, he/she undertakes to inform Mon Traducteur Touristique of this before the quotation is drawn up, and to communicate any glossary, lexicon, etc. Mon Traducteur Touristique reserves the right to refuse the contract if the conditions are not met to carry out the order (lack of documentation, unusable material, insufficient deadlines, etc.). The Customer also undertakes to answer any questions asked by My Tourist Translator as soon as possible. In the event of failure of the customer to comply with these conditions, Mon Traducteur Touristique cannot be held responsible for any non-compliance or failure to meet deadlines. 

The Customer has ten (10) working days from receipt to notify My Tourist Translator if they are not fully satisfied with the translation. Once this period has elapsed (ten working days), the service is considered to have been performed and no further claims may be made. In such cases, payment may not be withheld in part or in full nor claims for compensation be made against My Tourist Translator. 

The Customer agrees to accept electronic or postal acknowledgement of receipt as proof of delivery. 

Article 7: Obligations of My Tourist Translator 

My Tourist Translator undertakes to execute services ordered by the Customer using qualified professionals. All services will be carried out to transcribe the initial texts faithfully, in accordance with accepted industry working standards. 

My Tourist Translator undertakes to provide services to the highest possible standards, considering the information provided by the Customer. The service provider declines all responsibility for any ambiguity or inconsistency in the original texts, as this verification is the responsibility of the Customer. 

The service provider undertakes to check the quality of translations, corrections, and proofreading. 

Article 8: Confidentiality 

My Tourist Translator (internal team and translators) undertakes to respect the confidentiality of the documents transmitted. 

Mon Traducteur Touristique cannot be held responsible for the transfer of data via the internet or an insecure platform. 

An additional confidentiality agreement can be signed between My Tourist Translator and the Customer.

Article 9: Personal data and GDPR

In application of law 78-17 of 6 January 1978, Customer personal data is required to process the order and establish invoices. The information collected is recorded and kept in a computerised file. 
In accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, the Customer may exercise their right of access, rectification, portability, deletion, and opposition to data processing by sending an email to the data controller:

Article 10: Applicable law and litigation

The present general conditions of sale are subject to French law. For any dispute arising between the parties concerning the interpretation and execution of the present contract, the parties undertake to reach an amicable agreement prior to any legal proceedings. If agreement cannot be reached, jurisdiction is attributed to the competent court in accordance with Article L.141-5 of the French Consumer Code.