Sworn translators –
Our expertise at your service

Sworn translators –
Our expertise at your service

Do you need an experienced translator who is available to translate and certify your official documents quickly? Our conscientious sworn translation experts are at your disposal for all your certified translation needs.

Find out what a sworn translation is, when you need to call upon a sworn translator, and all about our turnkey services on this page.

Sworn Translation


A translation is referred to as sworn or certified if it is performed by a sworn translator (also called certified, authorized or official translator).

Sworn translators swear an oath before a Court of Appeal or a lower court. They are appointed by the Public Prosecutor or by the Commission of the Court of Appeal and are the only translators authorized to translate documents required by courts and other authorities.

Because they are highly qualified and have also sworn an oath, sworn translators are considered to be among the experts that can be called to give evidence in court.

The work of a sworn translator consists of translating official documents and guaranteeing that they are a faithful rendering of the text translated. When a sworn translator delivers their translation, there must be a paper copy that they sign and stamp (or to which they add a seal). An apostille may also be required depending on the type of document and its intended use.

When do I need to call upon

…a sworn translator?

Sworn translators may be required for the translation of several types of document. There are many situations when you might need to call upon them. Here are a few examples.

To provide a translation of your birth or marriage certificate

Most of the time, a sworn translator is needed for official formalities in a foreign country – whether you go through an embassy or apply directly to the foreign country in question.

Depending on your application (visa, naturalization, etc.) and agreements in force with the government of the destination country, various documents might need to be translated from the source language into the language of the authorities requiring them: birth certificate, marriage certificate, identification papers, etc.

To perform translations of official documents

Similarly, you might need an official translation of documents like study records, university diplomas, driving licences and so on – for example when hired for a job. It is not uncommon for foreign employers or universities to require candidates to supply proof of having obtained the diplomas they claim to have. In that case, a sworn translator is the person you need!

To procure a certified translation of technical or business documents

You might also need a sworn translator if you need to have business or technical documents to be translated and certified. As an example, companies that are expanding internationally often need sworn translations of their sales documentation or contracts.

To certify legal documents 

Some professions, particularly lawyers and notaries, regularly need the skills of a sworn translator to translate legal documents such as notarized deeds.

A team of sworn translators at your service – How we work

The My Translator network is at your service for all the sworn translations you might need. With our tailored translation service and conscientious sworn translators, we can support you whatever your needs.

Find out more about the key points of our sworn translation expertise.

What languages can we translate?

Our professional translators are able to translate from many foreign languages including English, Spanish, Italian, German, Mandarin, Japanese, South Korean, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch, and Scandinavian languages.

This list is not exhaustive, so don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can give you a free quotation!

How can I get a quotation for a sworn translation?

Each job is different, so we work only on the basis of a quotation and we take into account several criteria: language combination, complexity of content, source file format and source quality, timeframe for delivery, volume of words, etc.

Our partnership agreement – special rates for regular translations

Do you need documents translated and certified on a regular basis? Our partnership agreement is the solution! We offer a partnership agreement with special rates for one year’s work – take advantage of it!

If you’re looking for a sworn translator who can certify your documents, contact us now. Explain what you need, and we’ll come back to you with the most appropriate solution!